What’s in your bowl?

I took a lot of time thinking of what I wanted this letter to be. I mean, does the letter from the editor always have to be about books or writing or publishing? Hell, I’m the editor. I should be able to write about anything I want, so that’s what I’m going to do in this letter. I’m going off the deep end and give you something totally unexpected.

If you know me personally, well, I guess you won’t be too surprised. I was talking to a friend of mine and we were chatting away about food. Then the subject of the best breakfast cereals came up. I mean, who doesn’t like cereal, even if it is Kashi or some other healthy type of nuts and oats in your bowl. I’m talking about real cereal, the kind that when you pass in the aisle, you stop to look and if you pick it up, your justification is “It’s for the children,” even though you hide it in the pantry where they can’t find it.

So I decided that I’m going to give you my list of breakfast cereals that should be in your bowl. Just don’t drink the milk afterward, ’cause that’s just nasty.

5Cookie Crisp. I love chocolate chip cookies and now I can have fifty of them in my bowl with milk. Sign me up for a nice big bowl right now.

OK, I’m back from eating, so let’s get to number four.

4. Lucky Charms. I could be showing my age here, but I loved the commercials when they would announce the newest marshmallow goodness in the box. Come on, anyone over forty should remember the commercials and the blue horseshoes!

3. Cocoa Pebbles. While you might be tempted to drink the milk after eating this wonderful bowl of chocolate delicacy, don’t. It’s not real chocolate milk; if you want that, get some Nesquik and milk and make your own. Just one word of caution: when you’re done, rinse out the bowl and make sure you don’t have any pebbles left over. Because they will stick to the bowl.

2. Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries. Again showing my age, but remember when he had a scavenger hunt? You would get the box with the map on the back and had to find the treasure by calling a phone number to get a clue. Now they have Oops All Berries—oh, my god, I’m in heaven!

1.Reese’s Puffs. Yep, I love me some chocolate and peanut butter. Now you can have the wonderful combination in a bowl, which is great to kick off the day. I mean if you eat a bowl of Reese’s before work your wife, husband, co-workers, will think you are crazy. But if you have a bowl of Reese’s Puffs, they will be jealous and wanting you to share.

There you have it, the greatest list of cereals of all time! It’s OK to now run out and grab a box or all five, and read the rest of the magazine while you have a bowl, or two or three. You can thank me later!

John Raab

CEO / Publisher

Suspense Magazine


6 thoughts on “What’s in your bowl?

  • Norb Vonnegut

    OMG, John. Talk about a sugar high. Now I really want to know how many spoons of sugar you stir into your coffee…

  • donnagalanti

    Thanks for the post that reminds me how I adored Capn Crunch as a kid! I’d have to hide that in a special place now with my son here. I could eat cereal any time of day- snack, dinner, middle of the night. It’s a comfort food right up there with mac-n-cheese, John! Now off to steal some Honey Nut Cheerios. My husband freaks out if he doesn’t have them every day.

  • John Raab Post author

    Life’s too short to not have some sugar cereal in your bowl! You know you love it!

  • Katherine Ramsland

    I have a thing for McDonald’s fruit n maple oatmeal. I’m sure they’ve injected it with something addictive. I don’t even eat breakfast normally, unless I see a McDonald’s.

  • Amy Lignor

    I will always and forever stand up for Lucky Charms as being the best and healthiest food. LOL. Thank you, John, or reminding everyone that heath and wellness is fabulous, but life is not life without blue horseshoes. (Should have been Number One. :))

  • Joseph Badal

    John Raab has just shown us the way to obesity, diabetes, and abbreviated longevity. But what a way to go! John, thanks for providing such wonderfully helpful dietary advice. What’s next? Big Macs for lunch and dinner? If Michelle Obama reads this post, she’ll sic the food police on you.

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