The Unique Paths to 2016

Every Holiday Season I know that many look back on the year, give thanks for their friends and family, look forward to the New Year with hope for everything from family to career and a future that is filled with safety…for everyone; picturing all the good that comes from life. Or, at least, that’s what I most definitely do. I love the conversations right now: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Sure, why not. As a supreme football fan, I love the sports: O’Dell did what? Come on, man! I also loved the mail: Getting a letter from my idol was beyond my imagination. (Mr. Koontz, I bow to your greatness.) But the largest, most amazing moment since 1992 and the birth of my daughter, just happened to me yesterday. An old Doc – who looks very much like Santa Claus, and I am NOT kidding – tried to calm down a patient with: What did Santa say to the three prostitutes? Yup. Ho. Ho. Ho. Bad jokes, fun times and, for me, a holiday season that presented me with my very first grandchild (due on July 4th, 2016) lifting his right hand in the picture and waving at me.

Paths in life are unique. Any writer, I know, will say that. We see it all the time when we create a new character or stay with the old and watch them go forward on their next adventure. We have a ball with them. We certainly hope readers do, as well. And if not for the people I get to surround myself with, I wouldn’t be able to experience such adventures. I admire so many on this blog; I have received an education that has been integral to me and my writing. And when it comes to support and friendship, The Raab’s from Suspense Magazine are angels. And Mr. J.M. LeDuc and awesome wife (Jolly Rancher, to me), with friends like you, all years are guaranteed to be great! In other words, if “Blessed” had a poster, my dumb, smiling face would be on it. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2016, and discovers a unique path that brings about the best in both real life and fiction!