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Defeating the Pink Gremlin

At a recent writers’ retreat, we were challenged to identify our “pink gremlins,” meaning those private obstacles to achieving our writing goals. Each person wrote silently for 20 minutes and then shared the results. (If you’ve never tried a timed writing exercise, it can be enlightening. Set the clock and write!) Each individual’s pink gremlin was distinct: fear, wordiness, etc. This was mine: “The trouble with trouble is that it starts out like fun.” Remember this the next time you set aside your manuscript and Continue reading →

Columbine Revisited

I admit I was reluctant to pick up and read Dave Cullen’s COLUMBINE.  I thought, what’s there to learn 13 years after the tragedy?  Turns out, everything. I don’t remember where I was on April 20, 1999, when the shooting started at the now-infamous Littleton, Colorado high school.  But I do recall much of the media coverage which most of the country then considered fact.  I knew that two high school seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a killing spree before committing suicide Continue reading →