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Storytelling—The Journey from Darkness toward Light, from the Existential Scream to the Universal Sigh

Here’s the thing, being human isn’t easy. We are human and we are animal—savage and tender, mindful and thoughtless, loving and cruel, base and divine—and then toss our heart and spirit into the mix and—wait, shhhh, hear that existential scream? Yup, understanding the complexities of human nature is an ongoing challenge. If you have any desire to try, and if you are a writer, painter, musician, actor, creative seeker of any stripe, you are a storyteller and you are on the journey toward transformation and Continue reading →

The Power of Percolation

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love coffee. Americanos, to be precise. I usually buy one first thing in the morning, stopping at Starbucks on my way home from the park where I walk my pug Peaches. This ritual is multi-layered for me. First of all, the Starbucks counter is my equivalent of an office water cooler. I know all the staff. If the lineup is short, we chat for a brief minute, and then I head home. There is Continue reading →