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The Road to 2015

In October 1930 Edmond Hamilton, the legendary fabulist of science fiction’s pulp age, published “The Man Who Saw the Future” in Amazing Stories magazine. Hamilton’s title always stuck with me . . . because I know a man who saw the future. He still does. John Petersen is an American original. Commissioned in the Navy out of liberal arts college, he’s a combat veteran of naval aviation in Vietnam where he flew as a bombardier-navigator in A-6 Intruders. He later served in the Office of Continue reading →

The Conscience of an Independent

There is a level of emotion that only men—and I mean men—who have run for public office and lost can appreciate. You pour every bit of male egocentric pride into a humungous unwieldy uncontrolled risky effort, take positions that will enliven some people to ecstasy and passionately infuriate others to blind rage, suffer every fool gladly seeing yourself as wise, go into debt, hazard your most cherished relationships, and permit petty concerns tear apart every seam of your psyche and soul, all in full public Continue reading →

As We Remember John

In any great age there are only a few great men.  I knew one of them. John Whitehead died twenty days ago at home in New York. When someone dies at the age of 92 it’s easier to celebrate his life than to grieve. But for me this last couple of weeks has proven to be reflective. I hadn’t seen him in over a year. I wasn’t one of his close confidants. I was a friend, kind of a touchstone friend, but with John there Continue reading →