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Writing 101: The Mountain as Metaphor

Not many of us wake in the morning and think: “I’m going to climb Mt. Everest.” Ascending a twenty-nine-thousand-foot peak requires a skillset hardened by years of dedication and training. The same holds true for writing a book. It’s not done on a whim. You don’t cast a glance at the Toni Morrison novels on your bookshelf and think, “A Nobel Prize in Literature? Sure, I can do that.” Now, this metaphor might be a bit of a stretch, but I was thinking about it while Continue reading →

Writing in the Dark

The 1999 movie Instinct features a metaphorical scene for writers. Dr. Powell is an anthropologist imprisoned for murdering men who have killed the band of gorillas he was studying. A young psychiatrist, Dr. Theo Calder, is studying Powell, hoping to find a way to free him. In the scene relevant to us, Calder tries to prevent Powell from ending a session early. Calder claims he’s the one in charge. He will decide when it’s over.  Powell deftly locks him into a life-and-death grip, demonstrating that Continue reading →