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The Conscience of an Independent

There is a level of emotion that only men—and I mean men—who have run for public office and lost can appreciate. You pour every bit of male egocentric pride into a humungous unwieldy uncontrolled risky effort, take positions that will enliven some people to ecstasy and passionately infuriate others to blind rage, suffer every fool gladly seeing yourself as wise, go into debt, hazard your most cherished relationships, and permit petty concerns tear apart every seam of your psyche and soul, all in full public Continue reading →

Story within the Story…

“Remember when I told you that the reason I limped – rather than walked — into my first rehab was that I’d slipped and fell into a puddle? Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I actually told the people at work that I’d been mugged, but that’s not the truth either. I was just out of excuses. I’d lied and called in sick so many times owing to my love affair with cocaine that, to hide one more relapse, I actually faked my own mugging. I Continue reading →