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Storytelling—The Journey from Darkness toward Light, from the Existential Scream to the Universal Sigh

Here’s the thing, being human isn’t easy. We are human and we are animal—savage and tender, mindful and thoughtless, loving and cruel, base and divine—and then toss our heart and spirit into the mix and—wait, shhhh, hear that existential scream? Yup, understanding the complexities of human nature is an ongoing challenge. If you have any desire to try, and if you are a writer, painter, musician, actor, creative seeker of any stripe, you are a storyteller and you are on the journey toward transformation and Continue reading →

Swift, bloody, violent — and completely unmoving.

(SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve never seen PSYCHO, this may ruin some of the surprises for you.) Something that I love about the internet is the democratization of music, video, and writing.  Anyone can attain a global audience, especially if they create something noteworthy.  There’s a lot of stuff out there, and some of it is extraordinary. And the rest of it?  Ordinary. Or worse. Now, I love noir fiction.  Charles Willeford is a favorite author.  So is Horace McCoy, David Goodis, Cornell Woolrich, and Donald Westlake (especially when he wrote Continue reading →

The Argument Faze

I think Virginia Woolf stated it beautifully a while back, but lately the ‘room of my own’ has taken on a whole new meaning for me. If I was to rent out a room in my house to someone, I would think about the rent money. I would think about the cleanliness of the person, the compatibility, whether or not they were a cat killer…you get the gist. Having said this, after the last month I want nothing more than to charge rent to the character Continue reading →