Story Structure is Important, but…

I really need to learn how to structure my day. I’m so grateful to be busy and have lots of writing to do, but some days I’m not sure how it will all get done.


The biggest thing I struggle with is balancing paying the bills vs. my own writing. I’m now a contributor for and along with a ghostwriting project. Which is all great, but when am I supposed to work on my novel that may need another rewrite or the screenplay I worked on in the month of August. I’m not sure. I’m fortunate that I’m passionate about everything I’m writing these days. I’m not sure how I’d do if I was hired to write descriptions on floral arrangements.

But I love my babies. And I think about sneaking an hour here and there to work on my own projects. But for now those will have to wait until after dinner.

The other thing which seems to be difficult is switching gears. The three paying gigs are all completely different. If I put one down at noon, it takes me an hour or so to get out of that mindset and into another.

I’m not complaining. And I know I’ll manage to get through it.

So far I can say this… I’ve learned one major thing… Sunday’s are gold. The phone barely rings, the text messages and emails are at a minimum and I can hear myself think. Right now it’s my most productive day of the week.