A Quick Trip Inside My Mind

I’m often asked where and how I find the subject matter for my plot lines. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the adage that writers should write what they know. I take a different spin on this, I write what interests me. You would think these would be one in the same, but not necessarily. I have been a physician and an educator for the past thirty plus years, and I know (to a reasonable degree) the human body. Yet I have no interest in writing medical thrillers.

So instead I write what intrigues me, what makes me ask questions, and what inspires me. Let me give you an example by dissecting my thought process when I wrote my first novel.

I have an interest in antiquarian books, so I wanted my main character to work in a library. Since college, I have written with a fountain pen, so I wanted to bring that into the mix, and I have a strong faith in a God so I wanted to somehow involve that aspect.Writing with a fountain pen.

I began my first manuscript by writing biographies of my main characters. I wrote down what qualities I wanted in my protagonist and in my antagonist. I envisioned what they looked like, sounded like, and acted like. Then I mixed in the interests mentioned above.

I have always been intrigued with the story of Noah’s Ark and the flood in the book of Genesis. It states that before the flood man lived for hundreds of years. After the flood, it’s mentioned that man will not live past the age of one hundred and twenty. This started my imaginative juices flowing.

What if there was a proverbial fountain of youth that existed before the flood, but it was destroyed by the flood. What if Noah and his descendants were the only ones who knew the secret of the fountain and swore an oath to a God never to divulge the secret.

Present day— the secret has been lost and the last known descendant of Noah has been killed.

This was the premise behind Cursed Blessing.

Until next month,