I once had a successful full-time job before retirement, one full of fun, and tension. Following an extremely stressful event in 1992, I realized it was time to pursue a very old dream in earnest. That decision was sparked by a very common event. The Late Winter track of John Denver’s Season Suite was playing on a high end sound system behind my desk. His wonderful music was always my tranquilizer of choice and that day it put me in a good place. When it Continue reading →

What does The Donald’s Handwriting reveal?

By Sheila Lowe, MS, CG The Trump phenomenon has blossomed into a weird, wacky reality TV show, taking many of us by surprise. Who knew there were so many angry white folks looking for a leader in their quest to “take their country back”? From the standpoint of a handwriting analyst, it would be interesting to analyze the handwritings of all those who are eager to raise an arm in what looks remarkably like a Heil Hitler salute. But since I can’t get all those Continue reading →

Citizens’ Police Academy 2016

The sergeant with the Santa Fe Police Department is a detective in the gang unit. He was in the conference room of the P.D. to share his extensive expertise with us for two-and-a-half hours. We were the members of the 2016 Citizens’ Police Academy, a 12-class program for people who are interested in law enforcement issues and procedures. Years ago, as a struggling crime writer, I discovered my research methods on the (day) job. In the mid 1990s I took a position with a Santa Continue reading →

The Writing Life: FAQs

  I get a kick out of talking with interested readers and aspiring writers, and the past few weeks have been jam-packed with presentations at various events: a book festival, a crime writers’ conference, and an annual assembly of state librarians. For me, one of the highlights comes toward the end of the hour when the floor is open for questions. Since not everyone can make the time or afford the cost of a conference, I’d like to share a selection of frequently asked questions Continue reading →