This is one of those moments in time when writing becomes difficult for me because there is so much to say. But…I’ll be brief. (I promise. :)) Looking back on the tragedies over the year—just recently the horror that played out in Paris—the sympathy for the innocent victims and the pain that comes from yet another senseless act, boggles my mind. This is the time of year to give thanks for all the good, kind and wonderful people, events, and moments that occur in life. And I hope that’s what one and all will do. I hope, as everyone does, that things will change and that all hatred will be extinguished. I also know that particular hope may be more fictional than most of the fiction books written. However, I still hope and will remain hopeful that this world will one day change and wars, battles, terrorism…all will end. I hope everyone is able to sit down with family or friends or both this Thursday, and will laugh, reminisce and give thanks for the love, kindness and support that surrounds them on a daily basis. I know I am blessed to have many friends in the writing world who support and care for me, and my own amazing family, those who remain and those who I miss each and every day. The most incredible news I received this year is that I will be a grandmother come June of 2016, and that little presence, that brand new life, just tells me that hope still exists and should. So, I wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please never give up that hope.