Dear Santa,

ImageIt’s been a while. The bulk of my conversations are of the fictional variety so I thought I’d drop you a line too. You know, in case you plan to stop by my house toward the end of the month? (Bring the bag. I’ll leave my screen saver on in the window to guide you.) S, I’ve been good—wrote every day-ish, avoided adverbs and hyperbole like a spectacularly brilliant writer, made my deadlines-ish, promoted until I exploded, bought books, and suited up to show up on call.

I’m aware some of my old holiday wish lists included diamonds and designer shoes. Algonquin Converse sneakersNot this season. Diamonds catch on sweats, and Converse sneakers are far more comfy than Louboutins for toes stretched out on the couch beneath a laptop.

Good fortune filled my year—Agatha, Anthony, and Eureka award nominations, along with my second novel release. This holiday I’d be content with a cup of eggnog, a plate of Mexican Wedding cakes, and a stocking full of stuff I hate leaving the house for, like two cases of paper, a printer that never runs out of ink, a supply of postage stamps and bubble envelopes, and (if you’re thinking extravagance) new stationery.  Feel like going really crazy? A black AmEx card would utterly inspire me to travel farther than bed to bath to desk to kitchen to desk to bed. And laughter. I always love the gift of laughter.

Truth? I have everything I need. Unless you want to stop by for cookies, don’t look twice when you pass my house on your way to surprise the kiddies and the less fortunate. I’ve been blessed with whimsy, imagination, wonderful friends & family, an amazing editor, a very cool agent, and brilliant critique partners.

In other words never mind, big guy—I’m good to go!



May your days be merry and bright,

and may your stockings be filled

with toe wiggling delight.

Happy Holidays!