In 1969, shortly after I’d become hooked on filmmaking, Gerry Matthews, a New York actor-friend, tossed me an irresistible proposition: that we shoot a documentary short about his actress-wife, Freddie Weber’s return to Beardstown, IL, for her High School reunion. What follows is a brief account of yet another unexpected journey, and of lessons learned – especially about listening. We went to Beardstown with a pair of 16mm Arriflex cameras, where we shot 4 hours of grainy B&W – to obviate the need to light Continue reading →

MFA? Yes, please, but hold the kale

Writings posted on the internet have a shelf life shorter than strawberries, so it’s a surprise each time there’s a new buzz of interest about an article I wrote a couple of years ago titled The Pros and Cons of Getting a Creative Writing MFA. Its latest circulation by is especially timely since I’m about to fly to Vermont to give a reading at Goddard College as a visiting alumna. I’m flooded with warm feelings prior to my trip north (which is fortunate, considering Continue reading →

The Unique Paths to 2016

Every Holiday Season I know that many look back on the year, give thanks for their friends and family, look forward to the New Year with hope for everything from family to career and a future that is filled with safety…for everyone; picturing all the good that comes from life. Or, at least, that’s what I most definitely do. I love the conversations right now: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Sure, why not. As a supreme football fan, I love the sports: O’Dell did Continue reading →

What does a mystery author owe her readers?

By Sheila Lowe Over the past two weeks I’ve read books by five authors I have admired and followed throughout their careers. I’ve read their entire series and standalone books, too, and I’m happy to name Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, and my personal favorite, John Sandford, as consistently enjoyable. I can count on their main characters to be who they’ve always been, and the quality of the writing remains high. On the other hand, the other two authors—coincidentally both female—began to annoy me several books ago. I’ve continued Continue reading →