This is one of those moments in time when writing becomes difficult for me because there is so much to say. But…I’ll be brief. (I promise. :)) Looking back on the tragedies over the year—just recently the horror that played out in Paris—the sympathy for the innocent victims and the pain that comes from yet another senseless act, boggles my mind. This is the time of year to give thanks for all the good, kind and wonderful people, events, and moments that occur in life. And Continue reading →

Desperately Seeking Structure

November is National Novel Writing Month (aka #NaNoWriMo), which means countless writers are pouring out torrents of words. But the Muse doesn’t always bother with plot, so writers sometimes get swept through their opening chapters and deep into a story before realizing they haven’t a clue how to end it. This post is for those busy souls in the midst of the creative process. Some of you are using the classic three-act approach, others are writing by the seat of your pants. And while you’re cranking Continue reading →

Two Halloween Treats

Of all the holidays that dot the calendar, Halloween is perhaps the most photogenic. (With Christmas running a close second.) There’s just something about the iconography of Halloween that draws the camera. The autumn leaves burning red, yellow and gold. The houses done up in their spooky best. The hordes of kids in costume whisking through the October twilight. The candles flickering orange inside carved pumpkins. It’s all so cinematic. Therefore it should come as no surprise that many a movie has taken place on Continue reading →

I don’t like to write

But I do like the editing process, which is what keeps me going. Right now I’m on deadline—end of the month for the new Claudia Rose book (#6), and it’s a struggle. With 24k words to go, I know what’s going to happen in the story, each chapter is planned out. But something stops me from getting it down on paper (well, okay, on screen). I keep finding other things to do—email, bits of work that could be done later, web surfing, etc. I know Continue reading →