What does The Donald’s Handwriting reveal?

By Sheila Lowe, MS, CG The Trump phenomenon has blossomed into a weird, wacky reality TV show, taking many of us by surprise. Who knew there were so many angry white folks looking for a leader in their quest to “take their country back”? From the standpoint of a handwriting analyst, it would be interesting to analyze the handwritings of all those who are eager to raise an arm in what looks remarkably like a Heil Hitler salute. But since I can’t get all those Continue reading →

MFA? Yes, please, but hold the kale

Writings posted on the internet have a shelf life shorter than strawberries, so it’s a surprise each time there’s a new buzz of interest about an article I wrote a couple of years ago titled The Pros and Cons of Getting a Creative Writing MFA. Its latest circulation by WritersDigest.com is especially timely since I’m about to fly to Vermont to give a reading at Goddard College as a visiting alumna. I’m flooded with warm feelings prior to my trip north (which is fortunate, considering Continue reading →

The Road to 2015

In October 1930 Edmond Hamilton, the legendary fabulist of science fiction’s pulp age, published “The Man Who Saw the Future” in Amazing Stories magazine. Hamilton’s title always stuck with me . . . because I know a man who saw the future. He still does. John Petersen is an American original. Commissioned in the Navy out of liberal arts college, he’s a combat veteran of naval aviation in Vietnam where he flew as a bombardier-navigator in A-6 Intruders. He later served in the Office of Continue reading →

The Unique Paths to 2016

Every Holiday Season I know that many look back on the year, give thanks for their friends and family, look forward to the New Year with hope for everything from family to career and a future that is filled with safety…for everyone; picturing all the good that comes from life. Or, at least, that’s what I most definitely do. I love the conversations right now: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Sure, why not. As a supreme football fan, I love the sports: O’Dell did Continue reading →