There is a dividing line in my American generation. Placement on either side is an accident of your moment of birth. The younger cohort never completely comprehends why the memory is so powerfully meaningful. On my side each of us recalls exactly where he or she was when we heard. Vividly, unerringly, precisely, with no equivocation. I write, of course, about the Kennedy assassination—a violent act from which I have been attempting to extract meaning since I was eight years old. If there is one Continue reading →


Ever watch a movie where you’re ahead of the characters, asking yourself why they aren’t doing this or that? It can ruin the show for an audience, and be costly for the film’s box office potential. It’s a serious no-no in the script-writing business. The Zimmerman trial contained a couple of those, confirming to my satisfaction a feeling that had grown during the course of watching it. There is little doubt in my mind that the trial was reluctantly staged, approached as nothing more than Continue reading →