The Conscience of an Independent

There is a level of emotion that only men—and I mean men—who have run for public office and lost can appreciate. You pour every bit of male egocentric pride into a humungous unwieldy uncontrolled risky effort, take positions that will enliven some people to ecstasy and passionately infuriate others to blind rage, suffer every fool gladly seeing yourself as wise, go into debt, hazard your most cherished relationships, and permit petty concerns tear apart every seam of your psyche and soul, all in full public Continue reading →

Escapist Fiction Meets Real Life

Novelists in general are granted plenty of poetic license. But crime writers? Not so much. Our readers are grounded in cold, hard facts. They balk at anything too farfetched, thanks to the popularity of televised investigations, and have come to expect so much veracity that writing a crime novel is akin to writing nonfiction. Sometimes, however, real-life events intersect with fiction. For instance, two murderers recently broke out of a New York prison, and the ensuing manhunt put all of the Northeast on high alert. Continue reading →

Strange Request at a Funeral Home

I published a book in 2001 called Cemetery Stories. We’re in the Halloween season, so this excerpt seems appropriate. I interviewed a lot of people for this book and one of my favorites tales features Father Massey, formerly an undertaker in Hollywood. While in college, he got a job in a funeral home to pay expenses, and when the owner offered him a full-time job if he went to mortuary school, he accepted. This was at a Jewish funeral home in Hollywood, and since he Continue reading →


Enjoy this excerpt of Douglas Corleone's new Simon Fisk thriller, Payoff.

Doug was selected by the Estate of Robert Ludlum, international bestselling author and creator of the Jason Bourne series, to continue Ludlum’s series of thrillers featuring ex-Navy SEAL and former covert government agent Paul Janson. ROBERT LUDLUM’S THE JANSON EQUATION, the fourth book in the bestselling series, will hit stores in 2015.