The Conscience of an Independent

There is a level of emotion that only men—and I mean men—who have run for public office and lost can appreciate. You pour every bit of male egocentric pride into a humungous unwieldy uncontrolled risky effort, take positions that will enliven some people to ecstasy and passionately infuriate others to blind rage, suffer every fool gladly seeing yourself as wise, go into debt, hazard your most cherished relationships, and permit petty concerns tear apart every seam of your psyche and soul, all in full public Continue reading →

The “Life Story”

Creating a memoir must be difficult. 1) It’s not actually “creating,” but perhaps a much more difficult job of taking life experiences, categorizing them, and then choosing which to use in order to get across the tale that readers will talk about. And, 2), Trying to be “personal” with strangers…wondering if too much or too little was said when the cover is wrapped around it and put up for sale. I have certainly read my share of memoirs/biographies – from celebrities to politicians – but Continue reading →

I don’t like to write

But I do like the editing process, which is what keeps me going. Right now I’m on deadline—end of the month for the new Claudia Rose book (#6), and it’s a struggle. With 24k words to go, I know what’s going to happen in the story, each chapter is planned out. But something stops me from getting it down on paper (well, okay, on screen). I keep finding other things to do—email, bits of work that could be done later, web surfing, etc. I know Continue reading →

5 Fantastic New Books for Kids

Being a full-time writer isn’t as glamorous as you might think. It involves many hours of isolation, with only your thoughts (and current manuscript) as company. It can be great if the writing is going well. But if the words aren’t flowing, it can sometimes be torture. After eight months of being a full-time writer, I knew I needed to find something else to do besides writing all the time. Something that got me out of the house more than once or twice a week.  Something that would finally Continue reading →