Algonquin Round Table: Best Children’s Book

Last week, conservative columnist Rush Limbaugh won a Children’s Book Award for RUSH REVERE AND THE BRAVE PILGRIMS, causing glee in some circles and outrage in others. While the award was ostensibly based on votes from kids, there are accusations that many adults gamed the online voting system, resulting in Limbaugh’s win. That leads us to this week’s Round Table topic, which IS NOT about politics, Limbaugh or if he deserved the award. Instead, let’s talk about children’s books and which one, using the hindsight that Continue reading →

Algonquin Round Table: Favorite literary mothers

Welcome to the Algonquin Round Table, a new feature here at Algonquin Redux. Each Monday we’ll provide a topic for discussion. Your job is to help keep the conversational ball rolling all week long. We encourage everyone to weigh in and continue to check back during the week for more opinions. While the Round Table will usually begin on Mondays, we decided to make a special exception for our first topic. Because it’s Mother’s Day, we’re dedicating this week to moms everywhere. So our discussion topic Continue reading →