Algonquin Round Table: Best Beginning

Sarah Lovett’s post last week about thinking of your book’s ending while writing it’s beginning got us thinking about beginnings and endings as well. In that spirit, we’re having a two-part discussion topic. This week will focus on book beginnings. Next week will be about endings. So, here’s the question: What book has the best opening line? What makes it special? Sound off in the comments section below! Be sure to include the opening line in question. Maybe some of us will agree with you!

Algonquin Round Table: Sexy Reads

Warning: It’s about to get a little hot in here. Not to mention steamy, sultry and torrid. No, we’re not talking about the weather. This is about books — sizzling, sexy books. And what we want to know is: What’s the sexiest book you’ve ever read? Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean explicit. A book doesn’t need to have 50 shades of whatever to be sexy. It can be unspoken, illicit, forbidden, unrequited. You get the idea. Now confess in the comments section below.

Algonquin Round Table: Caped Crusaders

Last week marked the start of San Diego Comic-Con, an annual gathering of comic book, sci-fi and fantasy fans. Many attendees dress up as their favorite characters, creating a parade of caped crusaders, villains and otherworldly creatures. This week’s discussion topic follows in that spirit. Here goes: If you could be any comic book or sci-fi and fantasy hero for a day, who would it be? Why? Put on your thinking caps (and your capes) and sound off in the comments section.

Algonquin Round Table: Movie Memories

Tom Sawyer’s post last week about the trouble with modern-day movies struck a chord here at Algonquin Redux. We all agreed that, by and large, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. (And this summer’s disappointing box office figures can attest to that.) So for this week’s discussion topic, let’s revisit better days and memories of summer movies past. What is your favorite summer movie memory? Why does it stay with you after all these years? Give us your answers in the comments Continue reading →