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Driving and Writing

Driving and Writing Today we’re going to talk about driving and writing, and I do NOT mean writing while driving, tempting though that sounds. No, I’m talking about how much writing a book is like driving a car.  I’d guess that most Americans know how to drive.  I’ve been thinking about this lately because of a father and daughter I know.  Now, this daughter is a wonderful 17-year-old who is learning to drive and, for want of a better teacher, her father sits white-knuckled beside Continue reading →

Interview with a Bad Guy

Recently my daughter played Lady Macbeth in a high school production of MACBETH.  My son sat next to me, watching his older sister on stage, and whispered, “Dad, is Macbeth the bad guy?” Good question. To write a great story, you hero needs a formidable antagonist. If Superman were  fighting a band of girl scouts, it’s not really a test of his strength and battle experience, is it? No, Superman needs supervillains, and the more evil they are, the better.  Lex Luthor, are you listening? Continue reading →