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Finding JUST the Right Audience

Shortly after I moved to the West Coast in hope of breaking into the movie/TV business, a friend from Manhattan re-entered my orbit. Dick Brooks, a successful freelance film publicist, had also decided to give Hollywood a try. Brooks and his family settled in Beverly Hills, where he quickly engineered a PR stunt that’s worth recounting as one of those Only-in-Hollywood moments. Dick wangled a freelance publicity assignment from Fox, to get the word out about their hot new, just-released feature, The Omen. Handed $4,000 Continue reading →


The following is a collection of common, everyday verbal expressions that have begun to make me wonder at their origins. About how these concise, albeit on-further-thought-incongruous little word-strings were assembled and have come to mean what we now – and for most of our lives – fully, automatically understand and/or read into them. I mean – not that it really matters, but where did this stuff come from? The small of your back           Keep Off                      Keep Out That’s more like it!                  Now, then…                Well, then… Continue reading →


You’re fourteen years-old, male, skinny, horny, and you’re in your swim-trunks, standing thigh-deep in the Beverly Hills backyard swimming pool of major movie star William Powell. You are trying, not very successfully, to maintain your composure. Because what you’re staring at, a few feet away, are his gorgeous wife’s bare, very serious Hollywood tits. You’re an only-child, middle-class, and for the last seven years you’ve spent most of your Saturday and Sunday afternoons sitting in movie theaters watching double-features. You live with parents Ed and Continue reading →


     Some twenty years ago, while I was Showrunner and Head Writer on the CBS Series, MURDER, SHE WROTE, I was also struggling with my first attempt at novel-writing.      One of my co-Producers was Angela Lansbury’s brother, Bruce. We’d been friends and had occasionally worked together for more than a decade. A witty, charming and very talented guy, back when I was getting established in the business, Bruce had been Showrunner on WONDER WOMAN, for which he gave me one of my early script Continue reading →