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An Unexpected Passion

Los Angeles. The Shubert Theater. 1982. The lights go up at the end of EVITA. Applauding, I turn to Holly, who was as knocked out by the marvelous Rice/Weber show as I was, and words come that I had never, until that moment, thought about. Oh, maybe on some unconscious, unaware-to-the-rest-of-my-head level – but the point is, I hadn’t chewed on, debated or otherwise considered them. Or the topic. They just – came, surprising me even as I heard myself uttering them: “Y’know something? It’s Continue reading →


In truth, my dislike for the today-so-popular Serial Killer genre far predates my personal brushes with crazies. Since childhood, I’ve been turned off by such stories. My favorite mysteries have always involved murders committed by smart people who are barely outwitted by the hero/heroine. In fact, over the 12 years and 264 episodes of Murder, She Wrote, during which virtually the entire population of Cabot Cove, Maine, became homicide victims, we never did a script in which a psychopath was the killer. Nor did I Continue reading →

Leonard Starr, and the Ultimate Cool

In the wake of the recent death of artist/writer Leonard Starr, my closest friend and longtime studio-mate during my illustrator-career, an unforgettable, eminently character-defining anecdote comes to mind. It happened when Leonard and his wife moved from Manhattan to suburban Westport, Connecticut. There, they had purchased a home which like so many others in that artist-colony town sat amid several hilly acres of woods. Woods so dense, and the terrain so uneven that, often, houses on adjoining properties were not visible. Such was the case Continue reading →

SBRSP – A Way of Life

Okay – Truth-Time – for every creative-person – Writer, Artist, Actor, Director, Sculptor, Entrepreneur, you-name-it: Your biggest, toughest competition isn’t from people with more talent. It’s from people who Want It Worse Than You! All of us share essentially the same fantasy: Just do our Stuff – and The World will, all by itself, realize how Beautiful and Talented and Inventive we are, and carry us off – as we so obviously deserve – on its shoulders, cheering and applauding us all the way. I Continue reading →