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Being There

The internet makes research so easy for writers. When you need to know what a small town in Portugal looks like, Bing can give you a superfluity of information about the local customs and the people. Google Images instantly supplies more maps and photos than you could ever hope to use. Youtube videos almost make you feel like you’re on the street, checking out the merchandise on the market stalls. But as good as all that is, nothing truly compares with actually being there—wherever “there” may Continue reading →

Letting go of blocks to success

What keeps you from gaining the kind of success you want? Writer, musician, artist—if you’ve reached midlife or beyond and are not where you would like to be, it’s a safe bet that something is blocking you. Otherwise, you would have created everything you want, right? Most people I know in creative fields suffer from self-doubt, and that includes me. Regardless of what I achieve, something inside tells me it’s never quite enough. I remind myself that I’m multi-published by a major publishing house, have a Continue reading →

New Beginnings – Sheila Lowe

In 2007 when my forensic handwriting mystery series was purchased by Penguin, I had to be the happiest writer on earth. The first book, Poison Pen, had first been published by Capital Crime, a wonderful small press who sent it to Publishers Weekly, where it got a starred review. That review brought the book to the attention of a senior editor at Obsidian Mysteries, a new Penguin imprint. There’s nothing like seeing your first book in print, except for seeing your second book in print. Continue reading →

I was a Psychic Junkie

I was fifteen, an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers. On a trip to my favorite stomping ground, the Anaheim Public Library, I checked out The Hand of Mary Constable (Paul Gallico, 1964). The jacket art intrigued me. The black cover with its disembodied white hand lying on a display stand made me think of stories I’d heard about my grandmother who, as a child had reported seeing a white hand floating around her bed at night when she was ill. This was not a scary experience for Nanny. Continue reading →