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What does a mystery author owe her readers?

By Sheila Lowe Over the past two weeks I’ve read books by five authors I have admired and followed throughout their careers. I’ve read their entire series and standalone books, too, and I’m happy to name Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, and my personal favorite, John Sandford, as consistently enjoyable. I can count on their main characters to be who they’ve always been, and the quality of the writing remains high. On the other hand, the other two authors—coincidentally both female—began to annoy me several books ago. I’ve continued Continue reading →


Last Monday was my birthday and we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch. The next day I felt a little “off.” I’ve just been diagnosed with anemia, so thought it was that making me feel tired. By the evening, though, just as I was due to attend an online meeting—I’ll spare you the icky details, but it became obvious that I had food poisoning. For the rest of the evening, I thought I might die. But, luckily, I remembered what my chiropractor had said a Continue reading →

I don’t like to write

But I do like the editing process, which is what keeps me going. Right now I’m on deadline—end of the month for the new Claudia Rose book (#6), and it’s a struggle. With 24k words to go, I know what’s going to happen in the story, each chapter is planned out. But something stops me from getting it down on paper (well, okay, on screen). I keep finding other things to do—email, bits of work that could be done later, web surfing, etc. I know Continue reading →


I just spent the best nine days overseas. My younger son, Ben, the avowed bachelor, got married. He’d been a pop star, performing around the world for a few years now, but having met a Turkish-German woman who is gorgeous inside and out, he decided to trade his leather pants for a polo shirt and “get a real job.” Here’s an article telling the tale. The wedding could not have been more perfect. My ex-husband and I even got along for four whole days. Wow! Continue reading →