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The New Mob of One – Americans and Their Hate Searches

I don’t like crowds. Too many bad things can happen when too many people get together in one place. Crowds can be perfectly friendly, of course, Rock stars and pop stars and hip-hop stars depend upon huge box office in order to finance their stadium gigs. The same is true of major sporting events and favored teams. I tend to avoid both types of entertainment. Although unlikely, the energy can turn and a perfectly respectable crowd can become a mob. But what about a new Continue reading →

Get to the Heart of Your Story

Right now you may be seated at your desk staring at your pages, feeling ecstatic! Or, alternately, you might be hiding beneath your desk in the depths of despair. It’s possible you even feel a bit of both. One of the keys to enjoying a long and productive writing life is to find that balance-point between both ends of the the teeter totter–ends occupied by “brilliant” and “blecchhh”.  If you don’t, you will remain at the mercy of those two, leaving you exposed to manic Continue reading →

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Woofs

My 16-pound terrier mix and I are driving from Santa Fe to Albuquerque to meet a four-legged stranger named Einstein. He is a rescue, advertised as ten-months-old and weighing in at 12 pounds. This will be a rash move on my part: the life and pet balance in our house is working with one small dog and one large cat. Two weeks ago we said goodbye to a dog who had shared 15 years of her life with me. I miss her dearly (I keep Continue reading →

Pump Up the Faith Muscles

I just finished a phone conversation with a writer I know. He is new to writing and he’s eager to learn his craft—although he already understands how to write strong, entertaining scenes. I remind him of this often. Still, he worries a lot. I remind him, also, that his characters are strong and they have suffered and we care about them. Characters have the power to invite us into their book so we follow them eagerly across the most tumultuous narrative seas; characters also have Continue reading →