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Paper Trails

Literary cold readers are unsung heroes, the Yodas of the writing world that read first or second drafts—the proud mess we create before the final manuscript. My cold readers saved my tail more often than I can count, at times seeming to understand my characters better than I do. I pour over every critical comment, agree to disagree, let them change my mind, and trust their judgment in the stretch. I don’t know what I would do without them. My current group of cold readers Continue reading →

The Superstitious Boys of Summer

The connecting crack of a bat, or a baseball thunk-ing into a catcher’s glove make me smile. Though I can’t judge a curve ball from a slider, I’ve been a baseball fan since the days Earl “Holy Cow!” Gillespie called the play-by-play on the radio for the Milwaukee Braves. Yes, the Milwaukee Braves, back when my hometown ended the National Anthem singing, “…and the home of the Bravessss.” As a kid I memorized Teresa Brewer’s “I Love Mickey” off a vinyl—hey, even though Mantle was Continue reading →

Keeping the Plates Spinning—A Chat with Author Daryl Wood Gerber

My daily writing output runs erratic. Some days I’m a scene machine, other days I agonize for hours on a sentence I end up deleting. I’m positive I missed something in the writer’s handbook—the password to the club, the secret handshake, or a hoodoo brew to make my fingers fly over the keyboard (and I’m not talking coffee.) In an effort to find a clue to consistency I became a process junkie. I love hearing how others work, especially writers like Daryl Wood Gerber, the Continue reading →

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while. The bulk of my conversations are of the fictional variety so I thought I’d drop you a line too. You know, in case you plan to stop by my house toward the end of the month? (Bring the bag. I’ll leave my screen saver on in the window to guide you.) S, I’ve been good—wrote every day-ish, avoided adverbs and hyperbole like a spectacularly brilliant writer, made my deadlines-ish, promoted until I exploded, bought books, and suited up to show up Continue reading →