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A Brush With Fame

I would imagine that we can all point to one author who influenced our dreams to get published. Some may have encountered certain books when they were kids that sparked their imaginations to read or write. It may have been later, when they found an appealing niche or genre. Then, after consuming an endless line of titles, other authors sparked something deep inside. In my case, I think it was young adult author Keith Roberson who acted as my spark way back in the mid-1960s. Continue reading →

Almost Remembering

Audie Murphy shot Germans on Memorial Day while the Old Man, my hero since I was big enough to walk, finished a chocolate shake in his hospital bed. Nearly 70 years earlier, he was in the invasion force on a troop ship off the Japanese coast when they dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He and his cousin R.B. worked their way across the Pacific, meeting up in the Philippines and living their own roaring version of today’s buddy movies. A massive stroke Continue reading →

A + B = C

I drove through a small, unfamiliar east Texas town on my way to a book event a couple of months ago. I was unsure of the roads as they twisted and turned, eventually taking me to the outskirts of that rural community. That’s when a local police car pulled in behind me with its lights flashing. I pulled over. I didn’t take off in a high speed chase, because I wasn’t “scared” of the police, and there are no warrants out for my arrest. I Continue reading →

The Outdoor Detective

Yeah, I’m a little late on these blogs, and I should be punished. But instead, I may punish us all with this post, because it’s significantly different than my usual work. See, years ago, before getting published, I cut my teeth on odd books. Eccentric some might say. For example, one of my favorite authors was Donald E. Westlake. I fell in love with is Dortmunder books, and read them all. I filed away those stories and Don’s voice, or style of writing. Then I Continue reading →