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A Distant Mountain

  I’ve come to face the startling idea that my entire life may have been outlined by a movie back in 1963, and I’m not kidding. My Old Man didn’t go to the movies very often when we were kids, because he usually didn’t like the subject or actors, but he was a fan of drive-ins on occasion. That was especially true when one of his “players” appeared in the film. While Mom was away with Little Brother, visiting my maternal grandparents in Lamar County Continue reading →


I once had a successful full-time job before retirement, one full of fun, and tension. Following an extremely stressful event in 1992, I realized it was time to pursue a very old dream in earnest. That decision was sparked by a very common event. The Late Winter track of John Denver’s Season Suite was playing on a high end sound system behind my desk. His wonderful music was always my tranquilizer of choice and that day it put me in a good place. When it Continue reading →


Uh, oh. Nothing looked familiar in the dense east Texas woods. I faced a different direction with the same results, seeing nothing but trees no matter where I looked. I was completely and utterly lost in the thick pine and hardwood forest of the historic Trinity River bottoms where people have disappeared without ever being found. I’m an experienced outdoorsman, so I checked the sky to orient myself, but the dense clouds and coming twilight provided nothing but a dark gray blanket so thick that Continue reading →

The Old Dog

Doreen’s 24 HR Eat Gas Now Café was surprisingly quiet. The television above the counter was still turned to CNN where it had been since the attacks in Paris, France. The sound was muted so we could still read the text as the hair-sprayed anchors continued their coverage. Rain streaked the windows. Most of the Hunting Club members hunkered over the round corner table. We talked in low tones of old wars and new ones. None of it was entertaining.Headlights cut through the gloom and Continue reading →