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 Will This Be the Summer I Lose My Sock Tan?

There is nothing that I love more than sitting in a dark movie theatre with a bag of popcorn and watching a good film. Particularly on a hot, summer day, when it seems deliciously wicked to be sitting in the air-conditioned dark rather than doing something outdoors in the heat. I fear this year that my trips to the movie theaters will be far and few between — as they have all winter. And it’s not because I have given up movie popcorn. Nor is Continue reading →

The Art of Writing in the Cloud: Tips on Professional and Personal Infrastructure

As much as the act of writing seems like a pie-in-the-sky activity, for most professional authors it is grounded in the reality of deadlines, contracts, promotion, and marketing. We create a product, from concept to execution. To do so, a writer needs tools. And many of these tools are supported by infrastructure — which traditionally has been very concrete (paper, ink, desk, chair) and has semi-morphed to the digital age (computers, printers, hard drives, USBs). Recently, it has evolved to include a rather intangible element: Continue reading →

The Power of Percolation

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love coffee. Americanos, to be precise. I usually buy one first thing in the morning, stopping at Starbucks on my way home from the park where I walk my pug Peaches. This ritual is multi-layered for me. First of all, the Starbucks counter is my equivalent of an office water cooler. I know all the staff. If the lineup is short, we chat for a brief minute, and then I head home. There is Continue reading →

Is the Pendulum Slowing for E-Books Vs. Paper Books?

I didn’t grow up surrounded by books, at least not to the degree my children have. (I was, however, given the gift of thousands of hours listening to jazz and classical vinyl played on an audiophile’s system). A bookworm at heart, I was a regular fixture at my local bookmobile. Nothing delighted me more than filling my plastic grocery bag until the handles stretched. Fast track to the digitization of books. One of the first successful online publishers of ebooks was an erotica publisher. The Continue reading →