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Google It

These days I hear, “Google it,” all the time. The expression sounds considerably more elegant than “I don’t have a f:^)ing clue.” Google is kind of like walkabout for the brain. It spells the end of bar bets. It feeds curiosity, whether intelligent or downright goofy Case in point. Courtesy of ESPN, Mary and I watched Joey Chestnuts compete in the annual, fourth-of-July, hotdog-eating contest on Coney Island. Sixty-one dogs in ten minutes. Of course, we wanted to know whether professional eaters purge afterwards. Googled it. Over Continue reading →

Prologue, Part II

Hi, All. Last month, I posted Part I of the Prologue to my novel in progress. Here’s Part II: Pell College had been transforming doe-eyed girls into proud, confident women ever since 1823. “Longer than Smith, Wellesley, and Mount Holyoke,” its rah-rah alumnae were quick to note. Most agreed their beloved alma matter would never “pull a Radcliffe” and go coed. The idea was unthinkable. Among generations of Pell women, Abigail Channing reigned as a legend. She donated her entire collection of twentieth-century art to Continue reading →


October 1986 The .38 grinds into his skull. He smells three-in-one oil and stale cordite. It is a sweet, metallic odor. The hammer cocks. Driver’s heart is pounding. He doesn’t flinch. His white utility van continues straight and steady across the causeway. Click. Boss snorts. Sadistic and cold, he blows make-believe smoke from his empty Smith & Wesson. He hopes Driver has pissed himself. But the guy is ice. “Might be a keeper.” Boss nods at his two men in the cargo hold. “Told you.” Continue reading →

Goddesses and Doormats

Titles are tough. I pull my hair out over them. I was using End Game for my novel in progress. Then, through my usual late night angst that’s characterized by an iPad and old movies, I discovered this quote from Picasso: There are only two kinds of women: goddesses and doormats. It’s kind of a jerky thing to say, but Goddesses and Doormats fits my story about an art heist at a single-sex college in Newport, RI. Two of the stolen paintings are Picassos. I’m really happy Continue reading →