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The Use of Media

I have decided that my post this month will be on the use of media.  I worked in television for more than two decades, and now as a writer of novels I have a craving to also share the visual experience with my readers.   To that end, I go to many of the locations in my book and shoot the locations, talk to experts and basically produce a news package that helps the viewer drill down deeper into the novel.  In the electronic version Continue reading →

Cross cultural exchange

Cross cultural exchange   Everyone fantasizes about at least one travel destination – some people hope to visit the elaborate splendor of the Taj Mahal, or the soaring heights of Machu Picchu, the romantic lagoon of Venice, or the bohemian cafes of Montparnasse.  All in the interest of experiencing a different culture, expanding horizons, and leaning something new.  My fantasy destination has always been Egypt. I have always wanted to contemplate the pure symmetry of the pyramids of Giza, stand awestruck over the gilded coffins Continue reading →