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To Boldly Go …

Nobody can split an infinitive like James T. Kirk. The instantly-familiar Paramount franchise that is Star Trek is one of the most important contributions America has made to popular culture … right along with jazz, baseball and comic books. Star Trek (and I should state for the record that I am an avid fan of the original series) has influenced its own future and our present, with the design of personal computers, communicator-style flip phones, and a host of other technological developments that were more Continue reading →

Happy New Year!

It’s the new Lunar Year–the Year of the Snake! San Francisco has been celebrating all weekend, particularly in Chinatown with the New Year’s parade … but you can feel the spirit and smell the incense in the air practically everywhere. We’re leaving behind the Year of the Dragon. Snakes signify transformation, renewal and rebirth. I’m hoping to enjoy renewal by the end of this month when (fingers crossed) I can stare at a finished manuscript of CITY OF GHOSTS. So … I’m going to cheat Continue reading →

And the Oscar Goes To …

It’s a new year, and a new Oscar list, and yet the same old reasons to complain over water coolers, Facebook pages and blogs. As a life-long film fan–at one time I harbored ambitions to become a director, following the footsteps of noir stalwart and fan favorite Ida Lupino–I both look forward to and dread the list of nominees lined up for the Golden Boy.  Inevitably, I’m disappointed.  This year, it’s the omission of Ben Affleck for best director (Argo). The film was one of Continue reading →

Old Saint Nick?

I wrote this a couple of years ago  for Criminal Minds … hope you enjoy it, and may you all have a wonderful holiday season! A Visit from St. Nick By Kelli Stanley (with apologies to Clement Moore) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and alone in the room The writer sat facing a deadline of doom. Note cards were hung by the PC with care In hopes for a sentence or even a pair. The household was nestled, all snug in their beds but the Continue reading →