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Suspense Publishing Announcement

I THOUGHT MY FELLOW MEMBERS WOULD FIND THIS PRESS RELEASE FROM SUSPENSE PUBLISHING OF INTEREST: I’m so very excited for Joseph Badal, Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly and Paul Kemprecos. They are four of the hardest working authors I know and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Amazon Publishing Acquires 12 Books from Suspense Publishing LOS ANGELES—August 18, 2014—Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Los Angeles-based Suspense Magazine, today announced the sale of 12 books to Amazon Publishing’s AmazonEncore imprint. The deal encompasses the work of four Continue reading →


EVERYDAY HEROES — RYAN PITTS August 1, 2014 BY: JOSEPH BADAL I write once a month about someone or something that has, by his or its behavior, sets a courageous example for the rest of us. I have written in past blogs about soldiers, Marines, private citizens, dogs, and even a bear. In every instance, the subject of one of my blogs has shown courage in the face of adversity, and has been an example for all of us. Although the subject of this month’s Continue reading →