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The Ludlum Legacy

Last week I proudly announced that I’ve been tapped to write the fourth book in Robert Ludlum’s Paul Janson series. The book, tentatively titled THE JANSON EQUATION, will be my sixth novel overall and likely my most challenging and ambitious to date. Robert Ludlum, who passed away in 2001, was the author of 27 novels, including the world-famous trilogy featuring former covert government operator Jason Bourne. The Bourne novels, of course, inspired four magnificent feature films: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Continue reading →

Stop Talking About Your Book — Let Me Do It

Tired of hearing authors blathering on about their books, especially on social media? Me, too. I’m a reader first, an author second.  As an author I’m sure I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I tout glowing reviews and share articles and interviews in which my book is mentioned. I promote contests and events such as readings and signings. And I certainly remind my friends and followers and fans when I have an upcoming release date. (I do, by the way: my first international thriller Continue reading →

AUTHOR TOUR: An Essential Part of the Writer’s Journey or Just Another Ego Trip?

When I pack my bags and set out for New York City this fall, I’ll be embarking on my first ever multiple-city author tour.  In the two weeks to follow my Manhattan launch, I’ll attend Bouchercon in Albany, and hold events in North Jersey, Tampa, Austin, Houston, and Los Angeles.  Which immediately begs the question – why? These days authors can “meet” new readers by touring the blogosphere for thirty days.  Sitting in my home office, typing up my thoughts about e-readers, the disappearance of Continue reading →

Preparing for Launch: Why One Author’s Sanity is as GOOD AS GONE

As far as I know, no two authors approach Publication Day the same way.  In fact, I doubt any individual writer approaches Pub Day the same way for every book.  Maybe Grisham and Child have their routines down pat.  The rest of us have a lot to learn. I’m 67 days out from the release of GOOD AS GONE, the first book in my new series of international thrillers to feature former U.S. Marshal Simon Fisk (a private contractor who specializes in finding and retrieving Continue reading →