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Writers & Depression: Battling the Holiday Blues

With the holidays here also arrives an increase in depression for many people. Writers? Depressed? We’ve all heard about it.  Creative genius and depression seem to go hand in hand with many. I know. I suffered depression for many years. And the holidays come with their own heavy, gray veil to be pushed aside. And we know them. Writers who committed suicide. Sylvia Plath. Virginia Woolf. Anne Sexton. Hunter S. Thompson. Ernest Hemingway. Why? In the case of Hemingway four other immediate family members also Continue reading →

Mythology in Modern Storytelling

Today my friend and talented writer, Janice Gable Bashman, is guest posting about a fun topic! Mythology in modern storytelling. Her debut thriller novel, PREDATOR, just released and is perfect for a spooky Halloween read full of werewolves, mythology, and bog bodies – all with a scientific twist! Mythology in Modern Storytelling By Janice Gable Bashman Myths and legends are important in modern storytelling. They have informed many stories throughout the years. For my novel PREDATOR, I investigated the werewolf folklore and found a way Continue reading →

Lines To Leave Us Hanging

How do you choose a book? Often by the first few lines right? They either grab you or you move on to the next book on the bookstore shelf that catches your eye. But what about last lines throughout a book? Those lines that complete a scene, chapter, or THE END itself that propel you to turn the page and read on, or that keep the story alive in your mind long after you’ve finished it. I have to admit that I am one who Continue reading →

Saving the world one book at a time

I admit it. I love to write about evil doing. Tormentors bursting with vicious acts (but their victims do get revenge). Monstrous villains carrying out carnage with a side dish of torture.  People giving into their most animalistic desires to abandon their moral code. It’s so baaaaad – but it feels so fun to write – right? I rub my hands together in glee and write, the keyboard jolting as my fingers fly. Then cheer as the bad guy gets it good. The protagonist, who Continue reading →