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Help, I’m Social-Media-ly Challenged

In 2004, I was a middle-aged cat food cannery worker from Oakland named Gus Openshaw. Or rather, I blogged in the role of Gus Openshaw, at the helm of his cabin cruiser in the Caribbean, where he was seeking revenge against the whale who ate his wife, kid and right arm. About 3,000 people per day read the blog, and interacted with Gus via the comments section. One reader went so far as to direct NASA satellite feed to her blog so others could help Continue reading →


In December 2002 I came down with a 103-degree fever. Oddly I felt fine. Six days later, I felt great, but my temperature remained 103. So I took my wife’s suggestion and went to the doctor (nowadays, with small children, we would have to have a 103-degree fever for twenty days before thinking of going to a doctor). It turned out that, as a result of eating the wrong burrito, I’d contracted the hepatitis A virus. “You’ll need to spend six to eight weeks in Continue reading →