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Bouchercon: ‘Thanking’ the Writers!

There are two prevalent thoughts in my mind this week. Thanksgiving arriving and the event, Bouchercon held in Long Beach that I just returned from. I have to say as a newer writer to the industry I always had this image in my mind of the authors I truly love. From Cussler to Deaver to Ziskin to Poe to Hank Phillippi Ryan to Meg Gardiner (the list goes on and on), I always had it in my mind that they would be unapproachable. Wearing the Continue reading →

BOO! Bowing to the ‘Beasties’

When Halloween comes a callin’ my mind always heads back to the awesome classic monsters that I wish were still around today. Yes, in 2014 we have a ton of fresh beasties on screen; AKA: ‘The Walking Dead’, which is a show that should have the entire cast bowing their zombie bodies and paying homage to the make-up artists who definitely know how to scare the life out of viewers. We also have ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ with yet another clown (a bow to Continue reading →

Location! Location! Location!

I was asked this weekend by readers if I would rather mix ‘truth’ with ‘fiction’; or, if I would rather use a made-up locale. I love doing both, but being my librarian mom’s daughter, I constantly want to study other cultures, buildings, and legends that are a part of those cultures. I love UNESCO and their work, keeping locations protected so that we can all learn more about the past. When people say they ran to Google to see if I was right, or if Continue reading →

The ‘Joker’ in the Suspense Game

Because of the ‘Tallent & Lowery’ series, I’ve been asked if humor is difficult to write into a character meant for the ‘darker’ genre of suspense. The easiest answer is: It depends on the day. Sometimes that sarcasm comes easily; other times I just want someone to wield a knife and get it over with. As an avid reader, however, my favorite characters in literature share the same talent – humor. Sherlock Holmes and his witty ways. Odd Thomas, dealing with the depths of evil Continue reading →