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Missing the “Fun” Fear Factor

“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.” –Edgar Allan Poe. I love that guy! Poe had the gift of being able to scare you (me, actually) without making me so sick I threw the book across the room. Some say Poe is one of the sickest writers in the world, but I say he was perfect. Because no matter how much blood there was…it was fake. The concept of fear is different for everyone out there; and I am one who is Continue reading →

A Dear Algonquin (Abby) Moment

Heading out to various writer’s events, listening to authors on panels talk about everything from their projects to handing out writing advice, is an absolute thrill for me. I like learning more no matter how many decades go by within this industry. And I am always greedy to receive extra education from people who speak far more eloquently than I. There is one situation, however, that I have just recently run up against. It is a monster I call ‘Paranoia.’ Although it’s all in my Continue reading →

The Argument Faze

I think Virginia Woolf stated it beautifully a while back, but lately the ‘room of my own’ has taken on a whole new meaning for me. If I was to rent out a room in my house to someone, I would think about the rent money. I would think about the cleanliness of the person, the compatibility, whether or not they were a cat killer…you get the gist. Having said this, after the last month I want nothing more than to charge rent to the character Continue reading →

Magic, Memories And Hope

This time of year has always been synonymous with writing, for me, because both rely on emotion, magic, and hope. Christmas is the time where you watch kids go bazaka, as they wait to stare up at the sky tomorrow night attempting to find the bright, red nose of a reindeer they KNOW is coming. My Mom still believes; she still sits in bed and listens for the sleigh bells in the distance. Mom loves the scent of Christmas goodies, while at the same time Continue reading →