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Music Lost the “Comfort Cliché” – Will Writing?

Dear (anyone who wants to be) Abby: I was recently told alternating views by two pros in the business: One, being that cliché’s are annoying, readers hate them, and they should be banned from novels. The other saying, cliché’s are right for a story at times. Not only do they provide humor, but in this world with everything changing so drastically, a cliché can feel like home. Then…I saw portions of the CMA Festival and, because of country music, it seems I have gone to the Continue reading →

Sharknado 4: Punctuation Attack

I’ve spoken about the killer comma (that wee thing created to drive both writer and editor crazy). I’ve even noticed some writers have gotten so mad at the darn thing that they have now turned to the semi-colon for help. As a writer I see it one way, as an editor I can see it another. But now that the comma has had its punishment, it’s time to speak about the tab key. The tab (like the comma) can come out of the blue and Continue reading →

Do Not Let the Little “Mark” Win

I had to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) this time around for a very specific purpose. This is something for both writer and editor that literally can cause arguments, which it should not be allowed to do. This is a David and Goliath issue, where David is still winning but may actually be in the wrong. In this case scenario, the ‘David’ is a punctuation mark we all love: the comma. As a writer, I have my own tone and my own style, Continue reading →

From Insects to Eggs: Honoring a Creator’s Secondary Characters

Recently, I saw a list of the “best endings” when it came to movies/books. And being that it’s Saturday and a day of fun, I want to go one further and speak about the best “uses” of various items in order to add a little entertainment to the weekend. 😉 1. Best Use of Eggs, Blue Eyes & Mirrored Sunglasses: “Cool Hand Luke.” You can’t beat Paul Newman’s eyes, his eating of FIFTY hard-boiled eggs in an hour to win a bet, and those mirrored Continue reading →