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The Unique Paths to 2016

Every Holiday Season I know that many look back on the year, give thanks for their friends and family, look forward to the New Year with hope for everything from family to career and a future that is filled with safety…for everyone; picturing all the good that comes from life. Or, at least, that’s what I most definitely do. I love the conversations right now: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Sure, why not. As a supreme football fan, I love the sports: O’Dell did Continue reading →


This is one of those moments in time when writing becomes difficult for me because there is so much to say. But…I’ll be brief. (I promise. :)) Looking back on the tragedies over the year—just recently the horror that played out in Paris—the sympathy for the innocent victims and the pain that comes from yet another senseless act, boggles my mind. This is the time of year to give thanks for all the good, kind and wonderful people, events, and moments that occur in life. And Continue reading →

The “Life Story”

Creating a memoir must be difficult. 1) It’s not actually “creating,” but perhaps a much more difficult job of taking life experiences, categorizing them, and then choosing which to use in order to get across the tale that readers will talk about. And, 2), Trying to be “personal” with strangers…wondering if too much or too little was said when the cover is wrapped around it and put up for sale. I have certainly read my share of memoirs/biographies – from celebrities to politicians – but Continue reading →

An American Icon: A True Wordsmith

Sitting here with the flu, I assumed I wouldn’t be writing this piece today. But something happened and I have to give a shout out to a “master of verse” who has left this Earth at the age of 90: Yogi Berra is gone. Yes, he has a list of baseball accomplishments that spans decades. He was a professional baseball catcher, coach, manager, and all-round great guy (according to 100% of the people you ask), who played 19 seasons. This man was an 18x All-Star, Continue reading →