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Enjoy this excerpt of Douglas Corleone's new Simon Fisk thriller, Payoff.

Doug was selected by the Estate of Robert Ludlum, international bestselling author and creator of the Jason Bourne series, to continue Ludlum’s series of thrillers featuring ex-Navy SEAL and former covert government agent Paul Janson. ROBERT LUDLUM’S THE JANSON EQUATION, the fourth book in the bestselling series, will hit stores in 2015.


Story and Character

Story and Character, as seen by Howard Hawks By Thomas Kaufman Just like the question of which came first, chicken or egg, the confusion surrounding character and plot is enough to drive a person crazy.  Is a story plot-driven?  Character-driven?  How do these two essential elements of story intersect? Where does it all begin? In some novels, it’s easy to see that plot is driving the story.  Certain writers have books with wonderful twists and turns and lots of action, but the characters are as Continue reading →

This is Not a Test

Whatever your list is, chances are you haven't checked off everything on it. I'm trying to look at my list like a menu. You don't expect to have all of it brought to your table. Any of it is enough to make a meal. I'm proud of what I've managed. I'm practicing saying to myself “I did this” and then stopping before I add “but I didn't do that.”