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About Alan Finn

Alan Finn is the pen name of an acclaimed author of mysteries, He has worked as a journalist, editor and ghost writer, His historical supernatural mystery THINGS HALF IN SHADOW was published in December by Gallery Books. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey, where he is hard at work on his next book.

The Paperback Rack

At age 15, I got my first job. I was a cart boy at the local supermarket, spending my after-school hours herding shopping carts through a bustling parking lot. I worked at that supermarket all through high school, moving from cart boy to cashier and then to shelf-stocker in the dairy section. Every Friday was payday. The store cashed checks at its customer service counter, which meant I would walk out of there each week with a fistful of money. Flush with cash, my first Continue reading →

Party of Six

Reading Doug’s excellent post about the original Algonquin Round Table got me thinking about writers I’d love to have lunch with. (Served with a few rounds of cocktails, of course.) I pictured a circular table, covered by a crisp white cloth, with place settings for six. One of the chairs is mine. The other five are for writers I admire for one reason or another. Who would be excellent company? Who would I want advice from? Who could I listen to for hours? Since this Continue reading →