The original Algonquin Roundtable was a celebrated group of writers, actors, and wits. They regularly met at the Algonquin Hotel during the Roaring Twenties to discuss whatever came to mind or, more often, to roast whoever needed an ego intervention.

The sessions gained international notoriety for their razor-sharp wit. Which is no big surprise because the members included Robert Benchley, Robert E. Sherwood and Dorothy Parker among others.

Who can ever forget Parker’s classic line: “That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can’t say ‘No’ in any of them”?

The roundtable wasn’t for the faint of heart. Harpo Marx said, “The price of admission is a serpent’s tongue and a half-concealed stiletto.” And while our blog is a hat tip to the original gathering—we like zingers—you’ll probably find Algonquin Redux a kinder, more generous place to hang out.

We are a cooperative of published authors, who write whatever we want. We each post once a month. You’ll find funny anecdotes, insights into the day-to-day journey of writers and, upon occasion, commentary on political issues or the way our industry is changing.

Fix yourself a martini. Pull up a chair. We’re talking back and forth among ourselves and hope you join the conversation.

Norb Vonnegut  (click my name to email me)