Amazon Addict…

Thirty Six days ago I realized I had a problem. For months I’d been checking my page to see sales rank and for any new reviews. Some days I was logging on to it six or seven times a day. As an addict I’ve learned I need to stay away from all mood altering substances. My rank and reviews were definitely mood altering. A bump in sales or a good review gave me a high of about thirty seconds, while seeing a lower ranking Continue reading →

When Truth is Too Strange For Fiction

Say you were reading an action novel in which, every time the hero’s borrowed, dinged-up 1975 fighter jet reached a certain speed, it generated a cone of white mist and disappeared into it? Would you think, Kinda cool—if this were science fiction, for kids? I had that in my last manuscript, but needed to cut it. Readers found it implausible. Way too implausible. But the thing is, it actually occurs in real life. Per the Prandtl-Glauert singularity, vapor cones appear around objects as they near Continue reading →

MICKEY ROONEY – 1920-2014

The keepers from my Murder, She Wrote experience kept on coming. In 1993, I was producing an episode titled Bloodlines. Written by my friend, Bob Hamner, directed by the very capable Don Mischer, it took place in Virginia, and concerned racehorses. I’m sitting on a soundstage, in a private area behind the set, between setups, with Mickey Rooney. Yeah, that Mickey Rooney – who was our featured guest-star. His role: racehorse trainer Matt Cleveland – who ends up as the murder victim. Mickey – with Continue reading →

Relisha Rudd

If you live in the DC metro area, you’ve probably read about Relisha Rudd.  The story can be found here, but perhaps it’s enough to say she’s an innocent victim, abducted from the DC shelter for homeless families. She remains missing. In 2010, when I created my private eye Willis Gidney, I gave him a back story similar to the kids who live at the shelter.  So I have a special interest and compassion for homeless children. I met Relisha about a month before her Continue reading →