Lines To Leave Us Hanging

How do you choose a book? Often by the first few lines right? They either grab you or you move on to the next book on the bookstore shelf that catches your eye. But what about last lines throughout a book? Those lines that complete a scene, chapter, or THE END itself that propel you to turn the page and read on, or that keep the story alive in your mind long after you’ve finished it. I have to admit that I am one who Continue reading →


Okay. I’m gonna get a few things off my chest. Not world-shakers, but let’s see if I don’t tweak a nerve or two… The maddening phenomenon we see over and over in movies and TV series wherein an actor is (supposedly) driving a vehicle in traffic, and repeatedly takes her/his eyes off the road to look at and exchange long dialogue-speeches with the individual in the passenger-seat. Something none of us would dare do in real-life. Along with pissing me off, it’s nervous-making, often provoking Continue reading →

TV Fail

I’ve been a novelist since 2011, though my writing career began in 1988 with the publication of my first newspaper column. After that, I was a syndicated columnist and eventually became a frequent contributor to a number of state and national magazines. People have complimented me on my work and we often talk about the stories behind the stories, but today, a new phenomenon has arisen at signings and other book-related events. “When are they going to make your book(s) into a movie?” “When are Continue reading →

Write to Write

For a couple of months, since the release of Inkslingers Ball, I’ve been noodling on the next book in my series. I know the story I want to tell, I know the three themes that I want to weave together. I know who the new characters are, who the villain is. So, then, why am I stuck, stuck, stuck? For me, getting the plot outlined is the most difficult part of writing. I tried writing my third book without an outline, but after getting the first five Continue reading →