BOO! Bowing to the ‘Beasties’

When Halloween comes a callin’ my mind always heads back to the awesome classic monsters that I wish were still around today. Yes, in 2014 we have a ton of fresh beasties on screen; AKA: ‘The Walking Dead’, which is a show that should have the entire cast bowing their zombie bodies and paying homage to the make-up artists who definitely know how to scare the life out of viewers. We also have ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ with yet another clown (a bow to Continue reading →

Strange Request at a Funeral Home

I published a book in 2001 called Cemetery Stories. We’re in the Halloween season, so this excerpt seems appropriate. I interviewed a lot of people for this book and one of my favorites tales features Father Massey, formerly an undertaker in Hollywood. While in college, he got a job in a funeral home to pay expenses, and when the owner offered him a full-time job if he went to mortuary school, he accepted. This was at a Jewish funeral home in Hollywood, and since he Continue reading →

The CIA’s Chain of Brothels

In my new novel, 7 Grams of Lead, the clandestine operations division of the Department of Commerce runs a international chain of whorehouses as a means of collecting intelligence. Early readers thought that this was over the top. If anything, it understates the CIA reality. But as my editor said, Doubleday can’t very well place authors’ phone numbers in the margins so that they can field questions and straighten out dubious readers. So I had to soften it. I will, however, publish the truth. Here. Continue reading →

Mythology in Modern Storytelling

Today my friend and talented writer, Janice Gable Bashman, is guest posting about a fun topic! Mythology in modern storytelling. Her debut thriller novel, PREDATOR, just released and is perfect for a spooky Halloween read full of werewolves, mythology, and bog bodies – all with a scientific twist! Mythology in Modern Storytelling By Janice Gable Bashman Myths and legends are important in modern storytelling. They have informed many stories throughout the years. For my novel PREDATOR, I investigated the werewolf folklore and found a way Continue reading →