“Rebecca’s Ghost”

Last year, for summer reading purposes, I posted an unpublished short story that I stumbled upon and dusted off. This year, I decided to do the same, only with a story that actually was published. I wrote it for Inside Jersey magazine, and it ran in their 2013 Summer Fiction issue. Now I present it to you. Happy reading! “REBECCA’S GHOST” She has nothing to fear, this girl with the bold ponytail of pink hair. I am incapable of harming her, not that I have Continue reading →

Algonquin Round Table: Caped Crusaders

Last week marked the start of San Diego Comic-Con, an annual gathering of comic book, sci-fi and fantasy fans. Many attendees dress up as their favorite characters, creating a parade of caped crusaders, villains and otherworldly creatures. This week’s discussion topic follows in that spirit. Here goes: If you could be any comic book or sci-fi and fantasy hero for a day, who would it be? Why? Put on your thinking caps (and your capes) and sound off in the comments section.

Google It

These days I hear, “Google it,” all the time. The expression sounds considerably more elegant than “I don’t have a f:^)ing clue.” Google is kind of like walkabout for the brain. It spells the end of bar bets. It feeds curiosity, whether intelligent or downright goofy Case in point. Courtesy of ESPN, Mary and I watched Joey Chestnuts compete in the annual, fourth-of-July, hotdog-eating contest on Coney Island. Sixty-one dogs in ten minutes. Of course, we wanted to know whether professional eaters purge afterwards. Googled it. Over Continue reading →

6 Surprising Paths to Creative Genius

I find it difficult to think up titles. It feels like I’m on the spot to be original and catchy, or else no one will notice. It’s stressful, so sometimes I put it off and do something else. I forget that cracking an impasse works best by changing what I’m doing. So, the other day when I came up blank on a title for an article, I decided to just let it rest for a while. I went into my living room and did the Continue reading →