Searching for ‘The Sound of Music’

Let’s start at the very beginning: The Sound of Music is the first movie I have a clear memory of seeing. It was on TV, probably around Christmas, and 6-year-old me got to stay up late to watch it. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s lap, enthralled by the songs, the scenery and Julie Andrews’ sugar-and-spice performance. As far as movie-watching experiences go, it was pretty special. At that moment, the movie became one of my favorite things. It remains that way today. Yes, I know what Continue reading →

A Dear Algonquin (Abby) Moment

Heading out to various writer’s events, listening to authors on panels talk about everything from their projects to handing out writing advice, is an absolute thrill for me. I like learning more no matter how many decades go by within this industry. And I am always greedy to receive extra education from people who speak far more eloquently than I. There is one situation, however, that I have just recently run up against. It is a monster I call ‘Paranoia.’ Although it’s all in my Continue reading →

The Outdoor Detective

Yeah, I’m a little late on these blogs, and I should be punished. But instead, I may punish us all with this post, because it’s significantly different than my usual work. See, years ago, before getting published, I cut my teeth on odd books. Eccentric some might say. For example, one of my favorite authors was Donald E. Westlake. I fell in love with is Dortmunder books, and read them all. I filed away those stories and Don’s voice, or style of writing. Then I Continue reading →


You’re fourteen years-old, male, skinny, horny, and you’re in your swim-trunks, standing thigh-deep in the Beverly Hills backyard swimming pool of major movie star William Powell. You are trying, not very successfully, to maintain your composure. Because what you’re staring at, a few feet away, are his gorgeous wife’s bare, very serious Hollywood tits. You’re an only-child, middle-class, and for the last seven years you’ve spent most of your Saturday and Sunday afternoons sitting in movie theaters watching double-features. You live with parents Ed and Continue reading →