Today, as we all know, self-publishing’s curse has been all-but-erased. Self-published, print-on-demand books are appearing on the New York Times Bestseller list. That was not where things were 14 years ago when I completed my first novel. Back then, when I chose that path, it was almost unheard of. That I did so was largely due to my attitude: a profound lack of patience with – and more than a smidgen of outright contempt for — “The Literary Establishment.” For the “game,” really. And of Continue reading →

Two Unmarried Women

Thinking back, she was a tall redhead with brilliant smile. We stood close, talking softly. My heart throbbing, she took me by the hand and said I could have anything I wanted. With that smile that I can still see today, she arched an eyebrow. “Are you ready?” “Yes.” The word caught in my throat. She dropped to her knees. After a few seconds, she raised her head and our eyes met. “How’s this?” Words eluded me and I repeated my earlier response. “Yessss.” I Continue reading →

The Cult

A few months ago I got a surprise call from someone I had not spoken to in more than 40 years. We weren’t close friends back then, but as teens had hung out in the same highly restricted social group. We were part of a religion I now think of as “the cult.” Dave, who, like me, was an active member of the cult all his life, had recently become persona non grata, and having found me on Facebook, wanted to get in touch. Since I, Continue reading →

Remember When?

The world is moving at light speed. Mobile phones, social media, and tablets, have put us instantly into a new world. The iPhone that you are holding right now, because you are holding it or it is in range to pick up, is more powerful than the computers that we spent thousands on twenty years ago. People don’t know how to stop and unplug to really take a look around them and see the beauty of the ocean, the snow-capped mountains, the fall foliage, and Continue reading →