I am currently on an international book tour. I thought this post would be appropriate because it highlights EVERYDAY HEROES from many places across our globe. This video proves that EVERYDAY HEROES come in all shapes and sizes, and from all over the planet. It also makes a point I have made in the past: EVERYDAY HEROES don’t have to wear military uniforms. They can be everyday people who, when confronted with an obstacle or challenge, can rise to the occasion and do remarkable things. Continue reading →

Method Writing

A first for me on Algonquin Redux. Maybe on the web at large for anyone, although that’s a bold and difficult thing to claim and prove. I am composing this post on my typewriter. Old school. To understand why, let’s first meet my machine. It’s a 1958 Hermes Model 2000 portable that I got in March of 1983 for a hundred bucks, reconditioned. I bought it at Wescott Co. in Norfolk (“Your source for Business Machines for over 73 Years!”) to take to sea with Continue reading →

The Haunted Mansion

Some theme park attractions are merely rides. Others become legend. The Haunted Mansion firmly falls into the legend category. If you’ve been to Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida, you’ve probably taken a ride or two through the Haunted Mansion. And if you’re an incurable Disney geek like myself, it’s likely you’ve been on it dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times. The Haunted Mansion is special in that regard. It breeds obsession. Books have been written about it. Websites are devoted to Continue reading →

Algonquin Round Table: TV Winners

The Emmy Awards are tonight, which means Hollywood will be patting itself on the back for a season of quality TV. And it has been a season of quality shows, whether you watched them online, on Netflix or on that old-fashion contraption we call televisions. To celebrate the occasion, here’s this week’s topic: What was your favorite TV show of last year? Why? Sound off in the comments section below!